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Organize your Books... and your life.

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

You’ve just returned from grocery shopping and it included an inevitable detour to the bookstore, resulting in another mini haul of books. Sound familiar? It’s many a book lover’s dilemma, because not only does it mean your TBR list has just increased, it also means you need to find space for all those new books. And your shelves are already jam-packed. Here are a few hacks to make space to store books that don’t involve shoving them into a box under your bed. After all, you want to display your books so you can gaze lovingly at them, thinking about what you’ll read next.


A fruit and veg trolley is a fun and funky alternative to a bookshelf. It can pack a lot more books than you might think and since it’s not as big and clunky as a conventional bookshelf, can fit into all kinds of nooks and crannies.

Wooden Crates

In the same vein as trolleys are wooden crates. Like trolleys, they’re more maneuverable than conventional bookshelves. Maybe you have a lot of horizontal space to fill, but not a lot of height to work with: perfect for a row of crates. Or vice versa: you have lots of vertical space to work with, so stack a couple of crates instead. You can also get creative with crates, painting them a color that suits your décor or winding fairy lights around them. The tops of the crates can be used for more books or even something decorative like plants and pictures.

Stack ‘Em

Speaking of stacking, this is something you can do within your existing conventional shelves (or even your new ones): place books on their sides and stack them. Nothing says you have to pack your books vertically. This is also helpful for books that are too tall for shelves. You can also use the stacking method without a bookshelf: use free floor space and stack books one on top of another to make side tables. Just remember: the taller they become, the more impractical they become when you want to read a book that’s right in the middle or all the way at the bottom of your stack!

Make Use of Flat Spaces

A bookshelf is basically just a flat space and once you start looking, you’ll find plenty of these in your home. Think of your desk, a chest of drawers, and the kitchen counter. You can even theme these. Keep your latest TBR pile on your bedside table, recipe books and chef autobiographies in the kitchen, and reference books on your desk.

Build Your Own

Sometimes the problem is not so much space, but rather the types of space you have to work with. That’s why customized bookshelves built to suit your home are an ideal solution. Odd corners and angles may not fit a conventional bookcase, but they’re perfect for floating shelves. It also means you can finally find and use all kinds of awesome bookends. You can also get creative with empty spaces around your home, such as under your staircase or at the foot of your bed. And if you’re building your own bookcase, you can make it as tall as you want – all the way to the ceiling if you like – just make sure you invest in a ladder.

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